Thursday, July 22, 2004

Okay so I going to be on break for the next week.  I am going to Kentucky on a mission trip and it should be a lot of fun because I always love the mission trips.  I will miss being at camp but it will be nice to get away and have some time off.  This summer has really not been the summer that I thought it was going to be which is both good and bad.  Good things - I am hopefully proving that I can be a director, seeing everyone that I haven't seen in a while, and making new friends that I know I will cherish.  Bad things - Seeing for myself that I don't do well with staying on top of my staff (I am too nice), not having the great staff that I was so expecting, noone wants to be here so the overall attitude of the staff is down, METALWORK!!!!!!!!!, and just stupid CITs are just getting on my nerves.  Yeah so I don't know if the bad is outweighing the good or if the good is outweighing the bad but I know that no matter what it has been a good summer so far and I know that I have made a difference in at least a few kids lives.  And really their experience is what I am here for, not my own.  Well I hope that everyone is having a great summer and if you see my parents on August 1st wish them a HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!  By everyone I am off to Kentucky.

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