Monday, November 22, 2004

Well it has definitely been awhile. So I'm sure that everyone is dying to know what is going on in my life. I would first like to thank Laura and Tyler for giving me my comments when I couldn't read them. I can read comments now but I really appreciated it.

Let's see two weeks ago. I had a test in Science and got a B on it which makes me happy because most people are failing that class so I will take a B. Then on Thursday, Veteran's Day, I went to "A Salute to Veterans" concert that Charlie was in. It was a wonderful concert and I sat with Charlie's parents and my roommate. It was fun sitting next to my roommate and talking about the music that we were hearing, it has been awhile that I have heard some good music. Then I went home that weekend, which was nice because I hadn't been home in about three weeks or so. I made sloppy joes with my sister friday night for habitat for humanity the next day. It was a lot of fun to have some bonding time with my sister because we really don't have that very often. My family and I then went to Olive Garden Saturday evening and had a nice dinner as a family. On Sunday I went to church and then my daddy took me back to school.

Last week was just horrible. I had a history exam on Monday, which I got back this evening and got a 98 on. That was very exciting!! Then on Tuesday I had a quiz in Psychology and a test in Math, that I got 100 because it is the stupidest class. Then Wednesday I had a paper due in english and a paper due in my christian formation class. Finally Thursday I was suppose to do a presentation in Psychology. I didn't get to do my presentation though because we ran out of time so that means that I get to do my presentation tomorrow instead. It was kind of nice to get some extra time for it because I was really stressed out last week and not really in a mood to do a presentation. To wrap up last week I had to take a Praxis exam on Saturday. I had to be there at 7:30am and the I was in that room until 12:00. It sucked. There was only three hours of actual testing but for each test we had to fill out a seperate answer sheet so it just took a lot of time. This exam is very important because I have to pass all three parts of it to get into the education department for my junior and senior year and it cost me $170. I definitely do not want to have to take any part over again. I think that I did pretty well so I'm not too worried about it.

Finally I just want to wish everyone a blessed Thanksgiving. I know that there is much to look forward to after Thanksgiving but let us not forget why we have this feast every November. Remember those things that you are thankful for and hold on to me. I would list here what I am thankful for but that could take a while. I will just tell you though that I am thankful for anyone that reads this blog because it shows that you care.

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Okay, well let's see what has been going on in my life. It has been about two weeks so you will have to bear with me. On Friday, October 22, I went to Pippin. It was a nice musical that was being done at my school. It had a lot of sexual references in it that I didn't appreciate that much but over all they did a very good job. I also hung out with my friend Meredith a lot that weekend because she was kind of sad and was having a rough time. I think that I made her feel better and if I didn't at least I tried my best. After the weekend I had to schedule for next semester classes and I got into all of my classes which is definitely amazing. Then that weekend I went to a puppet festival that was a lot fun. I learned a lot and hung out with some awesome gals.

Now we come to the fun part. My roommate has had to deal with me being really depressed lately and I feel really bad. The fun part is though that one night when I was talking to her, she asked if I would be interested in going on a date with her friend, Charlie. I had met Charlie twice because he had come to visit the room but I didn't know him very well. I told my roommate to give him my im and that I would talk to him. I talked to him on Wednesday, after a meeting that I had, and we talked for three hours. We talked about everything though and only left being online because we were both really tired. Then we talked for a while and set up a time to go with my roommate to dinner and then a movie. My roommate back out on us, the little sneak, because she wanted us to go alone, though I didn't know that. We went to a really nice restaurant and then went to his house to watch Secondhand Lions. When that movie was over we wanted to watch another movie so we watched Sweet Home Alabama. I didn't leave his house until about 1:30 and I had like a really amazing time. Then all of this past week, he has been over everyday except Tuesday. The conclusion is that right when I gave up on boys, one came into my life that is amazing. I'm telling everyone then that if I can find someone then anyone can. Also Jessi you were right, the best things do come when you aren't looking.

Okay well I'm not even going to talk about the election but my advice to everyone is to just deal with it. The election is over and if you voted your voice was heard. Now we have to try to bring this very divided country back together, or we will never make it. Support the president because in the end he is going to try to do what is best for the country as a whole. United we stand, not divided.

God bless

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