Sunday, June 26, 2005

Okay so what an interesting start to my week. It was really hot today. I mean I could have fried an egg anywhere in camp and most of the stuff here is white because we haven't had any rain in a while. I hope that it rains this week because we need it really bad. I checked in troop 22 which was very awesome and they gave me an All Access pass to Ransburg. I don't really need one but it was cool that they gave me one anyway. I drank a lot of water today too but I still don't think that it was enough.

Long weekend, I did the Relay for Life on Saturday right after a long days work and on this sore ankle of mine. Yeah, for those of you that didn't know, I fell about six inches from a platform to the ground and hurt my ankle again and banged up my knee pretty bad. No need to worry but it is just something that I am struggling with right now expecially since I work at a place where all I do is walk. Anyway, I walked a lot from 5pm yesterday until about 10pm today. I didn't walk all of that time but I did sleep out in the area in a tent. Surprisingly I slept well for just getting in a tent on the ground with no mat or anything. I sold a lot of fudge though because I couldn't walk and I got the most sleep of anyone on the team, 7 hours. They let me sleep that much only because I need to be awake enough to work today and so that I would stay off of my ankle as much as possible.

Not much else has been happening. Only four staff members again this week and that means a lot of work but we did it last week and we can do it again. And for those of you in Troop 39, love you guys and you don't curse me I promise.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Okay so camp has started and guess what I feel really bad. It has only been one week of campers and already I have been yelled at by many staff members for no reason. I guess they are just not feel very good today but I really don't like being yelled at all the time for even doing anything wrong. Why am I getting yelled at for giving one of my staff members wednesday night off rather than thursday night? It just doesn't make sense. Whatever though because tomorrow will be a new day.

Week 1 went pretty well. The only problem is that metalwork is really stressing me out. I don't know what it is about it but it just seems to stress me out. I guess that I could give it to someone else in my area who I think could handle it. But shouldn't I as the director be taking the merit badge that is the most stressful and most dangerous? I really don't know. That is something that I am struggling with right now. I would rather have the pressure of metalwork on me rather than on another one of my staff members but can another one of my staff members handle the pressure better than me. Lots of questions very few answers.

I have been sick for the past two weeks which really stinks. The great part is, though, that Saturday Charlie sent me flowers and didn't even know that I was sick and needed some cheering up. It was nice to know that at least someone is thinking of me.

I was stuck on tent crew yesterday in the cold rain. That meant I was outside for four hours in the rain while being sick so today I am feeling a little bit worse than I was yesterday. At least it didn't rain today but it is suppose to rain tonight. I just hope that the siren doesn't go off.

I hope that everyone is having a great summer so far. I miss everyone at school and I can't wait to see you all in August!!!! Be safe and have fun!

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