Saturday, December 24, 2005

Oh yeah I almost forgot. My sister has been seeing an army recruiter. Someone from the army came to see us the other day and my parents have signed the papers to allow her to enlist. She is doing her physical sometime in January and pasted all the other test. Am I scared? Yes, I feel like I'm losing my baby sister. I know that sounds corny but she is my baby sister. Anyway, my sister will still be going to college, she is hoping Ball State. She might join ROTC program up there and will be a part of the Army Reserves. Which means if all goes well you won't see her this summer because she will be at basic..... I'm holding in there and my mom says that I need to support her as best I can. I'll support her because she is my sister but I never thought that someone in my family would even consider army..... Anyways, please keep her and my family in your prayers.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

So it has been a while but cut me some slack. I did have a bunch of finals to study for and I have been busy.

So finals went really well actually. I got an A in all of my classes which was a very pleasant surprise. I was expecting it though and one of my teachers says that it shows that I should be a teacher. My last few days of teaching math to kindergarteners went very well. I miss them! I also miss all of my friends from school but it will be okay.

Staff weekend was this past weekend and it was fun. I wasn't there on Saturday because I had family Christmas. It was great. I got a lot of presents and most of them are things that I will use when I get my own classroom. Like a door hanging for Thanksgiving and a lot of craft things so that we can make things in my class. I also got some other wonderful things but the best part was seeing the family. Most of that family I only see at Christmas so I love to see them.

Then on Sunday Brian stayed with my family for a few days. It was nice. He had a lot of fun with my family and got to see how we do things around here. He and I went shopping for his family on Tuesday and then wrapped up the presents. It was fun and he and I became the little elves of packing. Then once he left, my family finally decided to put up our tree. It was nice to have him around for a couple days though and I think that my family enjoyed it. We played games a lot and I kicked Brian's butt at Dominos hehe.

Anyway, that is what is going on. I hope that everyone is doing well and still surviving. Enjoy your breaks everyone!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I miss seeing my friends or at least someone that cares about me everyday......where is everyone? Is everyone deserting me? All of the friends that I thought I had are disappearing..... Is it really worth losing some friends or never seeing them to be a teacher?

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Okay things have been crazy but I'll try and be better about updating. I did very well on my portfolio that I had to do for literacy. I got an A on it and that really made me feel a lot better about what I have been doing. All of my classes have been going rather well and it really seems like they are going better than I had ever thought they would. My teacher says that is because I am suppose to be a teacher, which of course brings a smile to my face.

Thanksgiving was okay. My family had lunch at our house and then we went to Mooresville for a bigger dinner. It was fun and then over the weekend, we played games. My mom and I went shopping the day after Thanksgiving and Victoria got all of her Christmas shopping done!!!! I was too excited.

This last week was just too crazy. I am doing math with kindergarteners right now. It is fun but my lessons don't seem to be going very well. Hopefully things will get better. I also went to go watch COllin for the last time for my class. He was too cute but he is kind of sick right now so he is a very clingy and tired baby. I had my last test for literacy because she doesn't like giving out finals so I am basically done with that class. I had a performance on Saturday for puppets and that was a lot of fun. I love seeing little kids enjoying themselves. They are too cute!!!!

I am so glad that this is the last week of regular classes. I am ready for this semester to be over. Even though, next semester is the same classes and same teachers, only for intermediate elementary grades (3-6). It will be nice to have a long break from kids. They are cute but you always need a break hehe. I'm also seeing Brian this weekend which will be nice because I haven't spent any good, real time with him for about two or three weeks. Have a great week everyone! I will post later this week maybe.

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