Monday, February 20, 2006

Hey everyone!

Well, it has been a wonderful week. Things have been going okay. My classes are going okay. I have been really busy with the classes. There is lots of homework for most of them and then and I am also doing two lesson plans every other day. It is wonderful but really a lot of work. I appreciate the experience but it really seems like I'm doing a lot of stuff and work but not getting the credit for it. I not only have to do lesson plans but then the reading and everything for all of my other classes. Things seem to go well though. My classes like the work that I am doing and I seem to be keeping up pretty well. I keep falling behind in my math class though. I still have to turn in a quiz and I missed doing my math dialogue journal this weekend because the internet at home was done and she wants us to send them by email. It was really annoying. My kids are okay and I get to see my fourth graders again tomorrow for the next three or four weeks and I am so thrilled.

Anyway, everything else seems to be going better. I went home this weekend so that was nice to see my family and visit. I went to a boring all day on Saturday, which was okay but I didn't like it very much. It was a good meeting I guess but just too long. I was there for about nine hours, which is a lot. I really appreciated the talking that went on and I think that I learned a lot.

I think that I might be posting on here less and less. Brian and I have decided to do a joint posting with his blog because not many people read either of our blogs. I hope that you guys will visit it and give us your feedback. It won't be a gushy one but an informational one. The link to his blog is on the side of this blog. Visit it and you might see more from me than I put on here.

Love you all!

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