Monday, February 06, 2006

I really don't get it! Why do some of my friends just seem to not care anymore? What did I do? It seemed like things are okay but then you get a new girlfriend and then I never see you. I never talk to you either. When I do talk to, it's not about anything and you don't really seem to care about what is going on in my life at all. Did you know that I was working for fourth graders this semester? Did you know that I have missed you and would like to hang out? I want my friend back! Have fun with your girlfriend but why can't we have fun too?

I don't know why this happens. People get a girlfriend/boyfriend and then all of the sudden nothing else matters. I can understand that but there is a life beyond that one person. There has to be. I guess that is what I like about my relationship with Brian. I have a social life outside of him and I. I'm sure that this person I'm talking about does too and it looks like he has new friends but what about the old friends. I don't know. I called him even and he never called me back and all that I wanted to do was talk and just catch up on what has been happening in each other's lives.

I don't want to sound hurtful but I don't like that I am losing one of my friends, all over a girl it seems.

Anyway, things are going okay with everything else. Brian and I saw each other this weekend and went to this great science presentation. We made a balloon out of tissue paper and watched it launch off inside because it was snowing outside. I don't know what is going to happen with Brian and I but I know that I think about him constantly and love spending time with his family. I also have started looking at wedding dresses. Weird I know but I'm thinking about it. I have fallen for someone before but this time it just seems different and I really can't explain it.

Oh yeah, Brian is building me a computer too. I am really excited about it and he only told me about it because he wants it to be what I want. It is going to be my birthday present. I swear that boy can not keep a secret, at all. I want everyone to pray for Brian's dad on Wednesday because he is going overseas to visit his family. He will be there for a month but I just hope everything goes okay with the flight over.

Have a great rest of the day everyone!

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